Making the perfect baby shower gift, these cookies are filled with breast- feeding goodness! Ask me about vouchers for delivery of fresh cookies after parents and baby get home from the hospital. 

I started making these after a friend (shout out to Adrianna) gave me her recipe to help me on my breast feeding journey. They were delicious and a welcome, easy, and nutritious snack during those first few months when sleep was scarce and baby's needs were quickly growing. My husband ate at least half of every batch I made and when I make them today, you have to fight my toddler for them. 

If you have dietary restrictions, please let me know. I have alternate recipes for you! 

Add-ins optional: 
1. Moringa (turns them green - I call these "Hulk" cookies) 
2. Coconut Water
3. Protein Powder (whey)
4. Butter Toasted Walnuts

Water (reverse osmosis) 
Rolled Oats
Chocolate chips 
Baking Soda
Flax seeds
Brewer's Yeast
Sourdough Starter 
Brown sugar
White sugar

Lactation Cookies (1 dozen 3.5oz cookies)

  • Disclaimer: I get creative with how my loaves look - meaning, what you receive will look different than what is on the website pictures. It will still look beautiful and taste the same!

    I love to play with designs and scoring methods. So, if you need your loaf scored just like in the picture, please let me know. Otherwise, I will take the opportunity to have fun and be creative.