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Hello, I'm Vanessa

Co-owner of BDC

I am hyper-specialized in sourdough. My loaves are made with high-quality ingredients ... like, really high-quality. I do not use dyes, artificial flavors, preservatives, and at every possible opportunity, I use local, fresh, and organic. I take 0 shortcuts; all my sourdough takes a minimum of 24 hours - hence, why custom orders require so much lead time. People, it's about quality. While I can make you a generic white or wheat loaf, my real talents are in exotic flavors, spices, and colors! It's actually difficult for me to hold myself back and make "plain" breads. I'm waaayyyy too tempted to put in fun add-in and try out new scoring methods. 

bread head shot1.jpg

Hello, I'm Ren

Co-owner of BDC

I'm the other half of the business, the sister, and the one who helps make things happen. Sourdough was my sister's COVID project and now takes up a significant portion of my life. I do most of the marketing and I love experimenting with different scoring patterns. I am a science nerd who can talk your ear off about protein content and fermentation methods. If you want to find me, look at the farmer's market booth on Saturdays or in my sister's Kitchen. 

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