Any day spent baking is a good day. 

I've always enjoyed baking. Some of my first memories were baking biscuits with my Great "Aunt Loisy" using an old soup like a cookie cutter for extra large biscuits destined for unspeakable amounts of homemade gravy. Baking has always helped me through stressful times.

 So, when "stay at home" orders were given during the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, I went into baking over-drive. Baking became my creative, carb-filled outlet for all the stress and uncertainty that lay ahead of us. Without marathons to train for, my Type A personality had to find a new focus... and so, about three months later, here we are. 

Some things you should know about me:

1. I am hyper-specialized in sour dough. A) My loaves are made with high-quality ingredients ... like, really high-quality. I do not use dyes, artificial flavors, preservatives, and at every possible opportunity, I use local, fresh, and organic. I take 0 shortcuts; all my sourdough takes a minimum of 24 hours - hence, why custom orders require so much lead time. People, it's about quality. B) While I can make you a generic white or wheat loaf, my real talents are in exotic flavors, spices, and colors! It's actually difficult for me to hold myself back and make "plain" breads. I'm waaayyyy too tempted to put in fun add-in and try out new scoring methods. 


2. My starter's name is Princess Tiana - I am a Disney nerd and she is the hardest working princess of them all. Also, I strive to make man-catching baked goods just like her! I'm happy to share her with you and give you tips I've learned along the way. 

3. I am a cottage baker - meaning, I bake out of my home and follow the Texas Cottage Laws. So, while I make beautiful focaccia with fresh vegetables and fruit, I can not sell them to the public; sorry, I don't make the rules. 

4. My background is in science and I love talking shop with any of you bakers out there! As many of you bread heads know, sour dough is an art and a science. Hit me up with questions or ideas and we can postulate, theorize, and test!

5. I have dog. His name is Musket. He is the royal pre-rinse cycle of all dishes, the official greeter of the castle, and steward of the baby's food droppings. I love him a lot. If having a dog in my home deters you from ordering from me, please know that I regret nothing.

6. While baking is my obsession, I do have a day-job as a strategist for a healthcare system and I'm a mommy to a toddler; so, while I do my best to be responsive, I have other competing priorities.